Exciting Art News and Exhibitions in France

Exciting Art News and Exhibitions in France

From relics to prisoners (not to mention a new floating museum in Paris), make out-of-this-world discoveries… Here are some must-see exhibitions in France right now.


Paris’s first floating urban art centre, Fluctuart, has launched in the 7th arrondissement. Located below the Pont des Invalides, opposite the Grand Palais, it is open seven days a week, all year round. To paraphrase Dr Sophie Mayer of Sorbonne-Nouvelle: “Onlookers, joggers, children, dreamers, let’s hoist the canvases and weigh anchor. Street art is on display!” Admission is free. www.flucutart.fr

Reliquaries from A to Z

Marseille’s MuCEM has acquired a collection of over 500 reliquaries – venerated objects containing a fragment of a holy person’s remains or a belonging that had been in contact with them. A playful alphabet format acquaints us with the highlights. Until September 12. www.mucem.org

The Moon

The Grand Palais goes lunar on the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon with a collection of artworks to celebrate mankind’s relationship with our nearest celestial body. Until July 22. www.grandpalais.fr

Reliquary, image credit: MUCEM

King Tut’s Treasures

Delve into the depths of ancient Egypt and its fateful teenage king Tutankhamun. This is the last chance to see this fascinating exhibition before the permanent installation of the artefacts within the new Egyptian Grand Museum, currently under construction. Until September 15. www.expo-toutankhamon.fr

Football and the Arab World

What is the place of football in Arab societies? What role do the Arab nations play in the world of football? Sure to delight lovers of the beautiful game, visitors will discover 11 epic stories of players and supporters. Until July 21. www.imarabe.org

Manuscripts of the Extreme

The BnF showcases some 150 manuscripts written in extreme contexts of confinement, peril, distress, madness, or passion, where notes by famous figures such as Napoleon I rub shoulders with the words of anonymous men, ordinary soldiers, prisoners and the like. Until July 7. www.bnf.fr


The Abbey of Jumièges, in Seine-Maritime, welcomes one of the pioneers of video art, Ange Leccia, whose work juxtaposes a seemingly simple subject with often spectacular technical devices. The show, Ravir la force mais toujours aimer (Enjoy the strength but still love), sees the artist create six video installations that echo the emblematic site, evoking the movements of the River Seine. Until September 1. www.abbayedejumieges.fr

From France Today magazine

Video art by Ange Leccia

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